Humble Airstream on NBC


Region 5’s Jerry and Louise Humble recently had the occasion to spend 7 days in Chicago watching the filming of a portion of the TV show “Chicago Fire” that utilized their 1972 Airstream. The opportunity arose when Louise was looking over the WBCCI web sites and noticed an interesting article on the Region 5 site.


The article noted that the producers of “Chicago Fire” were looking for an Airstream trailer of the early 1970s vintage and included a phone number for a contact at the Airstream dealer “US Adventure RV” in Chicago.  Jerry contacted him, he in turn gave Jerry the contact number of the owner of a company called “Picture Cars” who, after talking to Jerry, then contacted the studio. Louise sent pictures of their rig and the producers agreed that it was what they wanted.


After Jerry spent an extremely busy week getting the rig road ready for the 300 mile trip, the Humbles pulled the rig to the Cinespace Chicago Film Studio which is located a few blocks west of the Chicago Loop.  There they were able to observe the modifications made to the trailer prior to its being towed to the location site.  A studio employee then towed the rig to the site which was a parking lot in a recreation area on Lake Shore Drive.  The next step was preparing the parking lot so that it looked like an RV park.  This consisted of blacking out the parking stripes and setting out utility pedestals made of plywood and PVC pipe along with picnic tables, trash cans and grills.  The Humbles then watched the final “dressing” (adding of interior props for realism) of the trailer before rehearsals and filming. The episode was aired April 15 on NBC and the trailer survived.


As part of a very interesting week in Chicago, Jerry and Louise were given a private tour of the studio and the sets of the shows “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago PD.”


The set crew surveys the interior in preparation for new flooring and props.

Utility pedestal of plywood & PVC pipe

A fake utility pedestal made from plywood and PVC pipe.

At location site Lakeshore Drive & Belmont

On location at Lakeshore Drive & Belmont in Chicago.

Film & sound crews on scene.

Film & sound crews on scene.

Finished inside after "dressing".

Finished interior after “dressing” for the scene.

More cameras and crew on scene.

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